We are the Recruitment Agency that has career development for every Applicant at the core of our service. 

Achieving your next job in digital and creative, is the most important step along your career pathway. Making the right decision, and receiving expert advice and guidance in making the right decision, takes away a considerable amount of uncertainty and risk.

Working with our Clients, we gain a full understanding of the nature of the roles required. This includes the skills needed to succeed in the role, the organisational structure, culture, future prospects, interview process, holiday allowance, salary and remuneration. 

Assessing our Clients’ needs in detail with our team of Specialists, means we can provide you with robust information on the Client, with specific advice and guidance on the role, and prepare you for a successful interview.

We have an excellent knowledge of the digital and creative market. We know which sectors and companies are forming exciting career opportunities for people with your knowledge and expertise, and which expectations are realistic. 

We have a large network, therefore we can quickly get you in contact with potential Employers and projects. We have access to jobs that you as a job seeker you may have not yet seen. We can put you forward for positions that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about and expand your job search and career development even further.

You have options to apply for particular jobs / positions, or submit an open application. We can then determine whether or not you qualify for upcoming positions.

Our Process

Our focus is to build a strong relationship with you that will help us effectively and efficiently match you with jobs that fit your specific criteria. 

Our process starts with you registering your details and uploading your C.V below.

Once your details are received and processed on our system, a call / meeting will be arranged from an assigned Recruitment Consultant to introduce Full Focus to you, and start the process of getting to know you. 

To help us forge an understanding of you and your requirements we cover areas such as: 

  • Your current career expectations.
  • Your ambitions.
  • Your skills and qualifications
  • Your employment history.
  • Your current status of employment.
  • Your location/preferred working location.
  • Your preferred working hours
  • Your salary expectations
  • CV advice and guidance if requested or required.

We take care of all the required necessities and formalities throughout the whole recruitment process such as paperwork, job-searching, interview scheduling and feedback so that you can get on and focus on securing that perfect job. 

Here’s where you get the added value from us.

As we work on matching you, you will receive new opportunities to learn new, relevant digital and creative skills providing the best of online learning materials to Applicants all year round. This continues even after successful placement as part of our after-care service. 

These learning materials are focused on digital and creative skills, and will provide you with relevant, valuable upskilling opportunities.

The certificates you earn will work for you, increasing your knowledge capital and reassuring interested Clients that you can be a real valuable and investable addition to their growing workforce.

Applicant Image

At the current pace of technological development, it is unrealistic to expect digital and creative skills to remain relevant throughout a career whatever the job role, which is, why for all our Applicants, we actively promote the need to learn new digital skills or to at least update current skill sets in digital.

Registering with Full Focus means even before starting your perfect job, you will have access to the best of online learning materials which are designed to develop your knowledge and skills. Once placed in a new role you will still have access to the online learning platform, allowing you to continually develop as you grow with your new company.

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Your next move has our Full Focus.

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